José Halloy

José Halloy is Professor of Physics at Université Paris Diderot. His research pertains to the transition from individual capabilities to collective behaviours at different level of living and artificial systems as population of cells, organisms, robots or collections of networked machines. The aim is to understand the design principles and the dynamical properties of such populations that can produce emergent or self-organised properties at the collective level. His current research deals with new forms of collective intelligence in natural and artificial systems. He is working on experimental mixed societies, societies where animals and robots cooperate. Together with J.L. Deneubourg et al., he published in Science the first experimental demonstration of collective intelligence in a mixed society of robots and animals. His new research topics pertain to develop collective intelligent systems for the production and distribution of energy in human societies. This research aims at designing a modelling approach for the management of change strategies for sustainable energy consumption. Models should incorporate the interplay of, on the one hand, emergence of artificial norms of energy consumption among intelligent machines and, on the other hand, natural emergence of human social norms. He is in charge of developing research programme at the interface of complex systems sciences and the social sciences to foster governance of sustainability in food and energy global systems.

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